This week I had the pleasure of partaking in a Mixology Class at Atlanta’s H. Harper Station, offered through Scoutmob. Guided by the restaurant’s owner and head barkeep Jerry Slater, we were led through the creation of classic cocktails - a Margarita (shown above), the Aviation, and an Old Fashioned (the best I’ve had, hands down). Jerry was extremely knowledgable, funny, and just a nice guy (possibly influenced by the presence of his mother who was roaming around the bar during the class?). So many of my cocktail questions got answered - What is maraschino liqueur, and more importantly, how is it pronounced? Shaken vs. stirred? Gin or vodka martini? All this while being served delicious appetizers like candied bacon crackerjacks, deviled eggs and smoked pimento cheese. This class gets an A+ for Alcohol and Amazing.

Posted on: Mar 15, 2012 at 9:03 AM


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